winter is almost finished and a lot has happened

Its been a while since I posted, maybe because its been to cold and wet…..

Well anyway, here are some update……

While looking on Gumtree, I came across a dwarf nectarine going cheap, they wanted $40 for the tree and the wine barrel it was in. Bargain I thought. So while I was looking at this tree, they ask me if i’m interested in dwarf orange tree that the wine barrel had fallen apart, this tree was about 7-8 years old. As it didn’t have a pot, they had stuck it in a bin with some dirt and some of the roots exposed.

Well I gave them the story that it might die and its the wrong time of the year to be moving them and so on. Anyway I ended my story with a tear in my eye and an offer of 10 dollars and they excepted my offer.

The orange tree its self is in perfect health and even has an orange on it. Its a grafted tree, so it’s on a flying dragon root stock and has no diseases at all!!!

Think I got a real bargain with that one!!!





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