My name is Chris  Ace2®, I started this project with little knowledge on irrigation and no knowledge on Fertigation(fertilizer injection).
So this blog will show my progress over a 3 year period.
start to finish with the hope this could help others wanting to go down this path.

At the start i was told it was not possible to inject such a small patch, other said it would cost too much(not really true) and no one could give me the information needed.
So instead of buying a injector for over $100 from Australia, i decided to purchase one from Hong Kong via ebay for about 30 bucks, the ebayer had little concept of the English so it was a risk.

My first setup was already a dripper system running off a pump and as i had a tap already installed, I just ran the injector from that point and hooked it into the main system to test to see if it would work, well that was very successful, it was able to suck 11lt(a piccadilly bottle) of fertilizer to about 30 minutes watering.
So that was then, now it’s a 4 zone injected system controller by a irrigation controller with rain sensor..(sounds fun)


injector 2 wholeplant 3

I hope you enjoy my project and it help you with what you are doing.

bottom picture



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