Parts used

I’m listing all the parts used on this project(another page for where to buy them)

included picture in description.

ratchet 13 mmRatchet Clamp 13mm X 300

tee 13 mmTee 13mm Low Density X50

albo 13mmPoly Elbow 13mm Low Density X50

tapsGreen Black Tap X40

check valve and connectionCheck valves plus X5

13 poly pipe13mm poly pipe X70 meters

10-litre-water-can10lt container X4

controllerkwikdial 12 station controller

solenoids8 solenoids(2 different types)

irrigation%20wire-120 meters 9 core irrigation wire

pope_rainpope rain sensor

wiring15 meters of wiring cover

75MM pvc pipe X 12 meters

75 elbow75mm pvc elbow X2

75 tee75mm pvc tee X12

75 cap75mm pvc caps X12

20 mm 12 m20MM pvc pipe X 12 meters

20 elbow20mm elbow X6

20 tee20mm Tee X1

20mm valve20mm ball tap X2

75 mm p[iope25mm pvc pipe 6 meters

shedSpanbilt Yardsaver S53 1.76m X 1.07m

block of wooda few block of wood for mounts

sweat1lt of sweat

bloodand a lot of blood


bottom picture


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