Grey water project

I setup a grey water system that uses washing machine water and bath water(using buckets to fill.

I have 1 pump(automatic) installed in the laundry sink from washing machine and one in the larger bin(also automatic) to do the pumping to sprinklers(i use 2 pumps cause the washing machine pump can’t be used over distant)


(funny colour due to a fertilizer shot)

The pump from the washing machine runs through a 20mm pvc pipe through the wall to the outside bin.

2013-08-24-338(that’s the brown pipe)

This system has 2 sprinklers at the front lawn and 2 at the back which are controlled via switching.

2013-08-24-3462013-08-24-345(all 4 are on at the same time, but can be selected)

In the bin is my lint filter($2 cheapy) and an online filter next to switches(not shown), i also use a screen filter for bath water.


originally my first project grey water system which was a solar system, which worked really well, but not suitable for this house…

(system is for sale, solar panels, bilge pump, float switch and battery\charge)

13   (nice green lawn in summer)

This system is not used on plants\trees that are for food…



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