Stay tuned for a new bonsai blog

I’m about to start a new blog about been a bonsai beginner.
I now have 40 odd tree’s and projects with a brand new 2.4m 2 shelf bench, green house and small 600mm 3 shelf bench.

As you can guess, it’s fully irrigated and will soon be injected with a similar setup to my veggie garden and speaking of veggie gardens, mine is still going strong, but a little neglected.
Due to a work change, I’ll have more time to spend getting everything nice neat and tidy..

So stay tuned as 2016 will be a busy year……………………….


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Bonsai’s and Greenhouse

Ok, my new project for 2015 is the art of Bonsai…
So about 3 months ago, I decided to start this hobby as my weather station with time-lapse camera has been refined and completed…
So lets introduce the collection and mini project, also the greenhouse to do this….

This is my little Juniper, it’s a starter and this photo was taken before getting a trim.
jap maple2jap maple
Japanese Maple, this one is about 4 years old and is more advanced than the Juniper.
As you can see, it has exposed root and a nice thick trunk.
First photo is after i picked it up and second shows a more health plant….
Trying to grow it and fatten up those leggy branches…

jap spindle 2jap spindle
This is my Japanese Spindle and is about the same age, this one just needs to be shaped..
You can also see those coloured cups with Avocado seeds, these will be used for a bonsai…
I’m in the process of getting a bonsai bench made up and plan on adding an irrigation system with a possible injection system, with 1 major difference, a PC based irrigation controller with WI-FI will be used and by using my own weather station data, it’ll water depending on temperature.
The Bonsai bench I’m looking at getting made

green house
Now to the new green house to grow seedlings for the garden and cuttings for my Bonsai projects..

fig cuttings fig cutting 2
First up is about 30 odd fruiting fig(unknown type) cuttings ranging from 2cm hard wood to soft wood cutting, some of these will be used as bonsai’s with one grown as a tree(I love figs yum)

And finally Wisteria cutting, I have 3 hard wood cuttings and one soft wood.
I have already started wiring the larger ones(after this photo) to created a cascading looking wisteria tree. The smaller one I plan on wiring it with some weird curves, but that’s going to take years!!

Also in the green house is some blackberry cutting to be planted later and all my seedling(not shown).

On that note, that’s the end of this post and I plan on making time to post on a more regular basis if my back will allow me to sit long enough to type/post it.


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Update for spring 2015 and what’s been going on **NEW PROJECTS**

I know it’s been such a long time since my last update and much has happened since then, so lets begin..
To start with, my little orange tree almost died after first planting it, I’m happy to say, it’s all well. The Nectarine is going OK, but really bad leaf curl this year(I even sprayed), anyway, my new project has already begun.
I’ve had an interest in Bonsai’s since I was a kid and now as I approach my 40th birthday, I decided to start a collection/hobby.
So this post will be about the updates and growth of all the garden and my new additions.
The first change to the veggie garden was the 2nd plot was raised as i felt the soil was drying out, so by adding another wood section..
I topped this up with mushroom compost for a small crop of broccoli and now planted with summer crops.
This was the only real change in my whole setup…
The injectors from 2012 are all running as is the whole setup, nothing has broken down apart from the pumps storage tank not holding pressure, which happened about a 1 year ago.
I now use a timer on the pumps power point that turns on the same time as the irrigation controller, this stop the pump pressurizing the tank…

This year i fed all the trees 2 weeks before spring with a slow release fertilizer and again in spring with a mix of trace elements, iron chelates, liquid potassium and a seasol mix, this really boosted flower and fruit production and as well as the injector mixing with chicken manure solution has really made a huge difference.

So now for a few happy shots

apple shortapple full

The first photo is my poor apple tree where the leader branch snapped from the weight of the fruit, some of the apple were as big as my hand.
Both trees are completely full of fruit flowers…
ornage orange fruit
This is my now healthy orange tree absolutely loaded with forming oranges. Very happy this year as we only got 6 oranges from it last season due to overall health, but they bloody tasted good!!!
fig fig fruit
The brown turkey fig tree is huge now and after this season, I’ll be trimming it to create more of a bush.
We got about 30 massive figs off it last season
pear pear fruit
The pear tree is really looking good this year, loaded with little Pears forming, so really happy with that.
nectorine2 nectorine
Nectarine tree has had a so so start, it’s been hit with leaf curl(I did spray), but this is it’s first full year since been planted and it also got hit with a palm branch that fell down..
patch 2 corn
As for the garden beds, the first has been planted out with potatoes and tomatoes. The second has corn and melons.
A side note was a disappointing strawberry season last year and the sudden loss of my wild strawberries, I managed to save about 10 plants. So hopefully I have better luck this year. I’ve already been picking some from the main patch(first photo) and around some of the fruit trees.
Garlic is the new BBQ bed is going well and should be really in a month or soblackberry
Had a bit of a problem with my blackberries as i cut the old canes after fruiting as you’re meant too, but new canes did not grow until spring, so i might not get any fruit.

Well that’s about it for the veggie garden updates, the next post will be on my bonsai’s and green house

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Garlic is in… 2015

After last years success with the basil & Tomato in the garden bed next to our BBQ which is a bricked in bed which had sandy soil with other plants.

I added compost, blood & bone, fertilizer, trace elements and worm wee, then some wetting agent as soil had very poor drainage. I then covered it for a few week with news paper to let every stay moist and break down


I ended building a simple drip system attached to a tap timer feeding off one of our rainwater tanks.
Planted some Australian Garlic purchased from a fruit and veg shop(not sprayed)
It’s the large purple type in which i put 18 cloves in.
Added some sugar cane mulch and my any bird digger thingy..
covereds coveresd

Now to wait for it to sprout…….

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Potato planting 2014/2015

Today i put Mr Hoe to the test with planting my potatoes in my custom growing create(patent pending)

First dig a 3 metre long trench for the milk create(size 310 x 310 x 295mm)

Only 5 minutes work to get this. All the dirt has been reduced to a fine soil.
So much easier………….

Sorry not a very good shot!!!
This is my method of growing them in a create with shade cloth.
The idea(and yes it works) is bury the create with the shade cloth and a little dirt covering the potatoes , as they grow, mound them up.
Once they are ready to harvest, simply lift\dig the create out and tip onto a tarp.
Presto, no cut in half potatoes and no one left behind.(just like saving private Ryan)
With The green stakes, i wrap cheap arse string at different heights around the stakes. The idea is to contain the growth so they don’t get out of control and they take up less space.
I had some good success last year with this method.

I have 6 creates of potatoes. 3 are Pink eye with the other 3 dutch creams.


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Added new garden tool to the collection

After spending almost 3 months in physio getting my back sorted out, i decided to purchase a new tool to help me out……

Meet Mr Hoe


Mr Hoe helped me with my 3 x 3 meter garden bed, turning the green manure crop in and digging down over 30cms with zero clumps in under 20 mins…

Weighing under 15kg, it’s easy to move around(has no wheels) AND CHEAP TO……………..



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