Worm Farm

I’ve been running a worm farm since December 2011. I use the kitchen scraps only in this worm farm.

It gives us up to 10 lts a week of worm wee(fertilizer) and a 20lt bucket of worm casting every 3 months or so.

This worm farm has 3 trays with the top tray for food. I was able to pickup another worm farm for free which i use to separate the worms from the castings(trust me, it makes life easier).

2013-08-24-348 2013-08-24-349 2013-08-24-350

Happy worms, estimate 6,000 to 10,000 worms(can’t be bothered counting)

seems to be some carrots growing in the farm as well!!!!



 Please feel free to make a donation, all donations will be used to improve this blog/garden site

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