stage 1 to 18 + extras

  1. The start November 1st
  2. January 2011 Planting
  3. January 2011 advanced works
  4. june\july 2011 expansion
  5. August 2011 lets add some trees
  6. September 2011 another tank added
  7. September 2011 the master plan was thought up
  8. late 2011 planting for 2012
  9. June 2013 added yet another rainwater tank
  10. 2013 planting the final lay out of garden
  11. 2012 high tech work starts(injector, automatic & better pump)
  12. 2013/2014 major project and possibly the final setup!!!
  13. How things work
  14. Finishing touches
  15. Parts used i this project
  16. where i to buy the above parts
  17. making paper pots
  18. Saving private potato(growing potatoes in a crate)

bottom picture


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